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The Revelation

A guide to help in the study of Revelation! 73 pages that will challenge the scholar while written so that a young Christian can understand. Gives the time-line, who gets saved first and when, when the two witnesses show up and when they die. Very practical lessons for today given at the end of each chapter. This is one of MY FAVORITES of all the books I have written!

By: Evangelist Dan Goodwin


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Seven Laws of Bible Study

A life changing system of Bible study!! Simple to understand. This book will transform your Bible study! Included are handouts to copy for a class setting. This book makes a great Bible study companion. Includes a sample study on modesty with some principles on modesty and clothing that you may not have seen before! I promise you, this system of study will help everyone in your church. Probably the most important thing I have written! Contact me... I can send a PDF to your email for half price.



A CD we had made after a tragic accident in 1997. The CD was made at Faith Missions Music and has blessed 1000's of folks. The tape is by the Sugar Grove Echoes. My whole family was in the car, my seven year old daughter died twice on the operating table. It was a time of great trial and sorrow, yet God's grace was evident. I have used the pictures of the accident and it's story to win many to Christ. I have preached and shared the story in many churches as well, for the glory of God. Praise God, my daughter is fine today.


$15 for CD


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Biblical Forgiveness

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A powerful book that deals with relationships. One of the most misunderstood doctrines of the Bible. Learn why we are not to forgive unless the person repents. Get this book! I have had grown men cry after reading it. Evangelist Dan Goodwin 80 Huff Lane, Reynolds Station, KY 42368 You may also call me at 814-599-6280 for more information or place an order. ALL BOOKS AVAILABLE IN PDF AND CAN BE EMAILED PROMPTLY.

Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

 Questions like, Is there a God and can I know him? Does hell have literal fire? Why did God allow the 9-11 terrorist attacks? Why do bad things sometimes happen to good people? and more. These are good for the new Christian, as well as challenging to the mature Christian. 96 pages, published through Revival Fires



 Contending for the Faith

A Year long Sunday School Series

52 lessons in all. A whole year. Each quarter has 13 easy to use lessons laid out in point by point format, with application for the students. This series is geared toward teens through adult. All of the lessons come with a handout for the students, you simply make copies of them. Here are some of the lessons from the first quarter: Chapters include:
1.A study of faith
2.How to have victory
3.The Christian armour
4.The truth about Baptismal regeneration
5.Five men who were 100% sure of heaven before they died.
6. False hopes of heaven
And more! As a former pastor myself, and an adult Sunday School teacher at our church, I know the importance of getting fundamental, Independent Baptist material that is outlined in an understandable format. Money back if not satisfied!

$25.00 All 52 lessons in PDF that I will email to you.. just click and buy here... and request PDF


$99.95 for a whole year


The Ten Commandments




What It Would Take to Lose Eternal Life?


A powerfully illustrated and preached sermon on eternal security; recorded on CD. A powerful sermon about Eternal Life,REPENTANCE,and the false teaching of turning from sins to be saved. Includes a great illustration about what it would take to lose Eternal Life.Packed with Scriptures that can not be refuted!






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